Covid-19 Health and Sanitation Precautions

Hooper will be open May 11th to all members (from any state) and all New Hampshire residents.

In an effort to keep all of our members, guests, and staff safe, we have initiated a series of health and sanitation protocols recommended by the CDC and NH Golf Association.  Through prudent steps everyone can help minimize the possibility of infection, yet still enjoy our beautiful grounds and the game of golf.  Below is a list of measures that Hooper will be enacting from our opening date until further notice, and may include future actions not yet foreseen.


Course protocols:

  1. You must be a member of Hooper Golf Course or a resident of New Hampshire. You are not allowed to bring out-of-state guests unless they are also a member.
  2. Only one person allowed per cart, unless you are from the same household. If one person in your group is riding and the other(s) are walking only the person(s) riding can have their bag(s) on the cart.
  3. Groups of no more than 4 persons, and all must start on the first tee
  4. Payment must be made prior to arrival. Payment may be mailed, placed in the drop box outside of the Pro Shop, or by calling 603-756-4080 during regular business hours. Memberships may also be purchased by calling 603-313-7476 outside of business hours.
  5. Curbside pickup is available for balls, tees, and gloves (no returns).  Let the Pro Shop know what you would like when you reserve your tee time and they will bring it out when you arrive.
  6. A tee time must be reserved by calling the Pro Shop at 603-756-4080. You may call starting Wednesday (today) through Sunday 10AM – 2PM. Starting Monday, May 11th, to schedule a tee time or purchase a membership, staff will be in the Pro Shop Monday – Thursday 8AM – 7PM and Friday-Sunday 7AM-7PM.
  7. Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes prior to your tee time. No gathering before or after play is permitted.
  8. The Pro Shop must remain closed/locked at all times. Rest rooms use will be allowed during business hours, 1 person at a time. Please knock on the door.
  9. No club rentals at this time and no sharing of clubs is allowed.
  10. Score cards/pencils are not allowed to be handed out at this time.
  11. The putting green is closed.
  12. Flagsticks on the greens are not to be removed. Use the easy lift attachment to remove your ball from the hole.



  • If you are sick or think you may be exposed to COVID-19 please DO NOT come to the golf course
  • Maintain 6 feet of social distancing at all times
  • Park and Play – Wait in your car until the 1st tee is clear and then wait to tee off for 10 minutes after the previous group has teed off
  • After your round head directly to your car – do not linger around the parking lot or 1st tee
  • Forego the customary handshake pre and post round
  • Carry hand sanitizer in your golf bag
  • Do not share golf clubs and golf balls, or picking up your partner’s golf balls or clubs



Be safe, be smart, and enjoy Hooper.



The Hooper Golf Course Ownership

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